Air quality is something most of us take for granted because we rarely notice that our air quality is good, but when it starts to dip we definitely notice. Especially if the quality starts also having an effect on your heating and air conditioning due to clogged filters, mold/mildew growth and more. If you have noticed a dip in your indoor air quality, here are some tips to get you breathing better.

Check and Change Your Filters

Your air filters should be changed every 30-45 days. During the winter and summer months, when we use our heating and air conditioning the most, our HVAC units are at their full capacity and air filters should be changed every month. This should show an almost immediate improvement in indoor air quality, as a clogged air filter will cause dirt and dust to recirculate in your home. Changing the filter also saves you money as your fan will not have to work harder to try and blow air through a clogged filter, increasing its efficiency and lowering the risk of problems that could result in you having to totally replace it.

Check Your Air Ducts

You can change your air filters all you want but if you have mold or mildew buildup in your air ducts, it will not do that much. Larger blockages or clogs can also be an issue, but nothing that large should be in your air ducts, not that it cannot happen though. Regularly checking your air ducts is a good way to make sure that nothing is blocking the flow of air or polluting the air circulating in your home, like the aforementioned mold or mildew buildup. Your air ducts could also be broken or not connected properly, allowing contaminants to enter your home’s air flow. Checking them will allow you to schedule an appointment with your local HVAC contractor to get them fixed or repaired. You should check your ducts when you change your filters, so every 30-45 days.

Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs trap all sorts of dirt and microscopic particles that we should not be breathing. Having dirty carpets and rugs means that any time they are stepped on, rolled up, or disturbed, it will result in some of that trapped gunk being reintroduced to the air and eventually circulated around your home. It is important to vacuum your carpets and wash rugs regularly to ensure you are removing the trapped dirt and particles and not allowing them to re-enter the air. Even if you just take your rugs outside and shake them out, that’ll help.

Get Indoor Plants

Plants naturally filter and draw contaminants out of the air. So if you want to help improve your air quality while also sprucing up your home decor, grab a few plants and place them around your home. This can do wonders for cleaning the air and improving your air quality, as well as adding some life to your home. Be sure to exercise caution if you have pets, as some plants are toxic to animals.

Having Problems With Your Air Quality?

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