Ultraviolet (UV) lights are one of the best ways to ensure excellent indoor air quality in your home. They reduce the number of germs in your home’s air, and they also kill mold spores and other biological contaminants. A UV purification system will sit conveniently inside your home’s HVAC ducts, killing contaminants as they pass through air vents. This type of system is incredibly effective and takes up none of your valuable living space. 

How they work

UV light rays disrupt the DNA of biological contaminants, rendering them harmless and incapable of reproduction. After organic contaminants pass by UV lights in your HVAC vents, they will no longer be able to cause illnesses or allergies. UV lights are very effective at killing illness-causing viruses, such as the flu virus, bacteria, mold spores and dust mites. This type of purification system is especially helpful during Ohio summers when increased humidity often leads to mold-induced summer allergies.

Who needs them?

Anyone who values indoor air quality will appreciate an air purification system. However, these lights are especially valuable if you suffer from allergies or asthma, have respiratory health problems or mold growth in your home, or get frequent colds or flus during cold season.

UV lights are also great for individuals who want a low-maintenance, highly efficient air purification system. The lights do not use up very much energy; they just require new bulbs about once a year. They do not produce unwanted noise and are conveniently hidden from sight within air ducts.

In addition to being one of the most effective air purification methods, UV lights are also one of the most convenient, discreet and economical choices for improving indoor air quality. Individuals with allergies to pollen, dust and other larger particulate matter should consider installing a UV system in addition to another type of air purification that removes particulate matter, such as an electronic air cleaner or HEPA filter.

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