Microwave Failure


If you’re like most Americans, the microwave is a central hub in your home. It’s where you reheat leftovers your family sent home with you from Sunday dinner. It’s the ultimate tool for microwave dinners

Microwave Failure2020-05-20T08:34:36-05:00

Preparing for a Kitchen Fire


It’s a Tuesday night like any other Tuesday night. You’re making dinner in the kitchen (it’s spaghetti night) while your spouse runs around, trying to occupy the kids. The dog chases after everyone, excited from

Preparing for a Kitchen Fire2020-05-20T08:43:54-05:00

Major Appliance Maintenance Basics


A recent study suggests there will be an increase in worldwide demand for major appliances: 445 million units by 2019. With so many major appliances being replaced or added to a home for the first

Major Appliance Maintenance Basics2020-05-20T09:02:21-05:00
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