Zoning System 5


The rooms in your home vary in characteristics, such as the floors on which they’re located and how frequently they’re used. As a result, each room has different temperature needs. A traditional HVAC system can’t

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Energy Evaluation


Performing a home energy evaluation helps you determine the problem areas that are causing loss of energy and money. You can call in a professional to do a full energy audit or conduct a more

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Variable-Speed Furnace 2


When replacing your home’s heating system, you should take efficiency and comfort into consideration. A variable-speed furnace can considerably improve these two factors. It works differently than a traditional furnace and has several important benefits

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Ductwork 4


When faced with the dilemma to clean or replace your air ducts, cleaning may seem to be the better option because it’s cheaper and more convenient. However, certain situations will require you to replace your

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Furnace 11


Since you rely on your furnace to get you through the coldest weather, taking time to explore your options when you’re shopping for a new one will pay you back in greater comfort and energy

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Programmable Thermostat


With cool weather here, and colder weather not far behind, it’s past time when you should have reset your home’s programmable thermostat. Its summertime settings have no energy-saving purpose during the heating season, plus they

Programmable Thermostat

Here are Some Reasons to Consider a Variable-Speed Air Handler


If you’re shopping for new HVAC equipment to maximize energy efficiency and home comfort, a variable-speed air handler is a feature worth investigating. The air handler contains the blower fan that’s responsible for pushing conditioned air

Here are Some Reasons to Consider a Variable-Speed Air Handler2020-05-20T11:23:58-05:00
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