Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Checklist


It’s almost spring cleaning time. Traditionally, the start of the spring season has been considered THE time to deep clean your home. As you start clearing out your closets, shampooing the carpets, and emptying your

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Quick Tips Energy Bills Fall


When the leaves start to fall, you know the heating season is just around the corner. And if you’re looking for ways to save and cut costs this winter, a great place to start is

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A Complete Guide to Home Ductwork Design


Get An Inside Look On Why Ductwork Design Matters   Though often overlooked in its importance to an HVAC system, your ductwork design matters. This is because ductwork is responsible for distributing conditioned air throughout

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Understanding Return Air Ducts


While all your air ducts affect your system’s ability to ward off the greater Cleveland area’s early spring chill, not all air ducts do the same job. Return air ducts play a significant role in

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Your Guide to the Various Types of Ducts


Ducts are the means by which air is distributed throughout your home and exhausted outside. If you’re in the market for new ducts or considering replacing your existing ductwork, it’s important to understand the available

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No matter how efficient your furnace, it can’t keep you comfortable efficiently in the greater Cleveland area’s variable climate without tight ducts. Leak-free ducts provide warmth more efficiently, and they also protect your health and


Ductwork 4


When faced with the dilemma to clean or replace your air ducts, cleaning may seem to be the better option because it’s cheaper and more convenient. However, certain situations will require you to replace your

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