Residential Electricity Tips for Preparing for Winter Storms

Snowy, icy winter weather conditions can bring down power lines and disrupt power service for days. Preparing for these weather events help keep your family and home safe and warm during the unpredictable winter weather.

The Energy Education Council developed a list of residential electricity safety tips for winter storms. Here are a few to remember:


  • Switch off lights and appliances before a storm. Turning off appliances will prevent damage to them when the power returns; it will also prevent overloading the circuits when the power returns.
  • Follow operating instructions when using alternative heat sources. Ensure proper ventilation and fire safeguards are in place. Always have a fire extinguisher, and read the instructions before you need to use it in an emergency.
  • If you will be away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home. Keep your home heated to at least 55 degrees to prevent frozen pipes.

If you have questions about how to prepare your home for winter storms, a local electrician can help you understand the do’s and don’ts of heating and electric during snowy and icy conditions.

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