Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

How a Ductless System Works

Ductless system are able to provide targeted comfort when a conventional system would be too costly or impractical to install.  The system is made up of two main components; the Outdoor and Indoor unit

The main difference between a conventional system and a ductless system is that the indoor unit has no ductwork. All working components for the indoor unit are housed in one wall mount, floor mount or ceiling recessed style cabinet.  With these different options we are able to provide comfort to any part of your home or business.

The experts at Stack Heating, Cooling, & Electric know all there is to know about ductless HVAC systems. Our staff is always eager and ready to answer any questions you have regarding our services, and we are proud to have been serving the Olmsted Falls community for over 40 years now.

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Is Ductless HVAC Right for Me?

There are a lot of reasons why a ductless HVAC system might be the right choice for you and your Olmsted Falls, OH home. Ductless systems funnel air through piping, not ducts, so each room can be a different temperature. Air does not flow between spaces and stays collected in a room. Because of this, you end up saving a lot of money, and your home becomes much more energy-efficient. A ductless system is also incredibly easy to install and perfect for older homes due to their flexible nature of not needing ducts. These pipes also collect less dust over time than a ductwork system, which is great if you or a loved one has intense allergies.

A ductless system might be for you if you have:

  • Home additions

  • Home remodel/renovation

  • Enclosed patios

  • Sunrooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Homes without space for ductwork

  • Older homes with no existing ductwork

  • Offices

  • Basements

  • Larger, multi-room living spaces

  • Large kitchens or bathrooms

  • Whole-home updates, replacements, or new construction where zoned/personalized comfort is desired

Ductless HVAC Installation

Ductless systems are known for their incredible efficiency, quiet operation, and flexibility throughout your home. An improper installation may void the warranty on your system, or worse, cause permanent damage to your system.  Our team knows exactly how to install both the indoor and the outdoor systems for your ductless unit, then ensure that your system starts working exactly how it’s supposed to. We do the fiddling and installation so you don’t have to! Plus, if you eventually do need your whole system replaced, we can handle that too.

Ductless HVAC Replacement in Olmsted Falls

If your ductless HVAC gets to a certain point in its life span, repairs can only go so far in repairing issues. If your ductless HVAC gets to that point, we will recommend replacing your current system with an energy-efficient one. The experts at Stack are licensed and certified for ductless HVAC installations and replacements. We highly suggest not attempting to replacing a ductless system on your own, as it can be an unpredictable process.

Ductless HVAC Maintenance in Olmsted Falls

A ductless HVAC system cannot work as well as it’s able to if it’s not properly maintained. Routine tune-ups and maintenance are essential for your system to live a long, happy life. If you want to avoid constant repairs or even a completely broken system that may need to be replaced, you need to keep up to date on regular maintenance appointments. To help you, we even offer an HVAC Maintenance Program that schedules your maintenance appointments for you.

Our program will help your system operate more efficiently, your system last longer, and you save money―and it will give you all-around peace of mind about the state of your system. It’s hard to stress how much we recommend this service!

Ductless HVAC Repair in Olmsted Falls

We know you never want something to go wrong with your ductless HVAC system, but sometimes things happen or parts break that are just beyond your control. Luckily, the team at Stack Heating, Cooling, & Electric is here to help you with any ductless HVAC repairs you need.

We know how to locate a problem, come up with a plan to fix it, and execute the repair with the highest level of quality. We have been working with HVAC systems for over 40 years and guarantee that we will be able to get your ductless unit back in working order ASAP!

To schedule ductless HVAC repair in Olmsted Falls, call Stack Heating, Cooling, & Electric at 440-937-9134 or contact us now to speak to a member of our team.

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