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4 Signs You Need an AC Replacement 


Nobody wants to deal with an air conditioner replacement. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary. After all, no one wants to deal with a broken air conditioner either, especially in the summer. An air conditioner needing

4 Signs You Need an AC Replacement 2020-07-17T11:35:35-05:00

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s nothing worse than a broken air conditioner, especially in the middle of summer. One minute you’re nice and comfortable, and the next minute, you’re sweltering

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?2020-07-17T11:35:41-05:00

Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting Thermostats


A thermostat that refuses to work can ruin your whole home's atmosphere. Either your home is too hot or too cold, or you’ve got some wretched combination of humidity and heat. Whatever the problem is,

Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting Thermostats2020-07-17T11:35:47-05:00

The 6 Most Common Residential Electrical Repairs


Electrical issues can be somewhat unpredictable. One moment you’re watching television and everything’s fine, then the next moment you’re in the dark. As you’re fumbling around for the flashlight, you wonder what could’ve happened. Maybe

The 6 Most Common Residential Electrical Repairs2020-07-17T11:35:53-05:00

Electrical Panel Outdated?


You’re in the bathroom. You’ve got the lights on, stereo blasting, and your blow dryer fanning your hair to perfection. Except right when you’re almost done, everything goes dark. The circuit tripped again! It’s the

Electrical Panel Outdated?2020-05-20T08:24:40-05:00

Summer Thermostat Settings


We all know how hot and humid the summers in Cleveland can get. And we also all know that each person has a different preference on how they want to escape that type of heat.

Summer Thermostat Settings2020-05-20T08:25:22-05:00

Central Air Conditioning vs Ductless Mini Splits


Summer heat is quickly approaching, and that means you’re preparing to turn on your air conditioning. For many people, window units have been an easy solution. They’re easy to install, they’re inexpensive, and they can

Central Air Conditioning vs Ductless Mini Splits2020-05-20T08:29:24-05:00