Winter in northeast Ohio can quickly drive a person indoors. Unfortunately, your outdoor air conditioning unit doesn’t have the option of coming in out of the cold. That’s why it’s your job to protect it and ensure that it will be in working order when the weather warms up again.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for winterizing your air conditioner:

  • One thing you want to avoid during the winter is allowing your air conditioner to operate unintentionally, as this can cause damage to your system. Shutting off the power to your outdoor unit is the most reliable method of preserving your unit’s safety.
  • If dirt, debris or vegetation has built up around your unit, clear it away. These items can get into your system, not only interfering with proper operation, but potentially damaging your air conditioner.
  • With debris cleared away, clean the components thoroughly.
  • Once the accumulated dirt has been washed away, be sure that your components are dried thoroughly.
  • Now that your air conditioner is clean and dry, you can safely cover it for winter protection. Of course, you want a breathable waterproof cover or one that only covers the top of the unit, as this will protect the system while reducing the potential for moisture buildup beneath the cover.
  • Finally, monitor your outdoor unit as winter progresses. Pay special attention to the buildup of standing water, as it will likely freeze. Also clear away ice and snow, as the sheer weight of these can often cause damage to your unit’s casing.

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