To get the most out of your air conditioning, make sure your system is correctly sized. In the past, the size of a home’s air-conditioning unit was based simply on the home’s square footage. But times have changed, and because of the way homes are constructed today–with issues including interior wall placement, vaulted ceilings, and so on–each home must be dealt with differently to successfully determine the correct size needed for the A/C unit.

Just because your home looks like another one in your neighborhood, and even if it has the same square footage, that doesn’t make the two houses the same when it comes to air conditioning. Your air conditioning must be sized correctly for your particular home. Square footage plays a role but is only one of many factors to consider. Honest, professional contractors with your best interests in mind will use a scientific formula to make sure you have properly-sized air conditioning. Here are some of the factors that must be considered:

  • Windows–their sizes, number, and locations: How much sun comes in through your windows in the winter? What about during the summer?
  • Your home’s orientation: Does your home face west, or south, for example? Solar radiation on your home’s surface must also be considered.
  • Number of occupants in the home: Each occupant gives off body heat. Their lifestyles, including their schedules, comfort preferences, and comings and goings, must also be calculated into the formula.
  • Insulation levels: A home may have more than enough insulation in the attic, and less than enough in the walls.
  • Appliances: Televisions, dryers, refrigerators and freezers all give off heat.

These are only a few factors that must be considered when determining the right size for your air conditioning. And don’t underestimate the importance of correctly sizing your air conditioning: If the system is under- or oversized for your particular home, problems in performance and comfort can occur. Your air conditioning must be sized accurately, and by a professional; otherwise you may experience some of the following problems:

  • An air conditioner that is smaller than needed will run too often to compensate. This will cost you in increased energy bills, plus unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. Beyond these drawbacks, your comfort level may be inadequate on excessively hot days, despite your system overworking itself.
  • Units that are too large can result in higher installation costs, poor operation, early breakdowns and short life span. Peaks and valleys in home comfort can also result–in other words, hot one minute, too cold the next.

Poor sizing also doesn’t remove the necessary humidity from your indoor air. If you’re ready for new air conditioning, contact our staff at Stack Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electric. We will properly size your A/C unit and give it to you in writing. Contact us with all your home comfort questions–we’re always ready to help.

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