For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, certain seasons can bring misery in the form of itchy eyes, a runny nose and scratchy throat. But if you’re heading indoors for relief, it’s probably time to boost your indoor air quality to ensure your seasonal allergies don’t follow you home.

Achieving Air Quality
You can increase the quality of your indoor air several ways, all of which contribute to your comfort and help make your allergy symptoms less severe. Techniques to boost air quality include:

  • Preventative maintenance conducted on a regularly scheduled basis means your HVAC system will remain clean and running efficiently. Dirty systems mean dirty air is making its way into your home while also costing more to operate.
  • Change heating and cooling equipment’s air filters regularly to keep your air clean. An air filter is designed to catch particles before they enter your airstream; if it’s dirty, it no longer has enough clean surface area to trap pollutants.
  • Air filtration systems use specially designed air filters to rid the air of small and large particles and odors. Depending on the kind of filter, filtration systems can help eliminate pollen, dust, mold and other contaminants and boost air circulation.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) lights help kill organic compounds. They are particularly effective at killing contaminants such as mold spores. By targeting the cell at its core, UV lights zap the cell’s DNA so it’s unable to reproduce.
  • Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers help maintain the correct balance of moisture in a home to eliminate the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Duct cleaning every few years helps eliminate allergens and pollutants that build up over time in air ducts.

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