Air conditioners are like cars in that they require a little bit of maintenance to keep them running at peak performance. Much like a car requires oil changes and tune-ups, air conditioners need to be maintained as well. There are many preventive steps you can take on your own, while others will require the assistance of an HVAC professional.

The easiest and most simple thing you can do is to remember to change your air filters regularly. This can be easy to forget but is important for keeping your air circulating freely. Dust that accumulates on your filter can make it harder for air to travel through it. Most filters should be replaced monthly during peak season.

You can also do some cleaning to the outdoor compressor unit. Sweep away any grass clippings, leaves or dirt that may be stuck in the coils. A quick spray down with a water hose can also help avoid problems.

The fins on the outdoor unit of air conditioners may require more cleaning to keep them operating at optimal performance. You can use a soft brush to get most of the debris and then follow up with a vacuum with a brush attachment.

These kinds of steps can help you if your air conditioner is not cooling.  Other problems may require more work and the eye of an HVAC professional such as:

  • Air handler making excessive noise
  • Major temperature swings in different rooms
  • Room temperature drops too low
  • Noisy air ducts

An HVAC professional will be able to assess problems and provide you with solutions to get your house feeling the way it should again.

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