Summer is Almost Over -- Last A/C Maintenance TipsIt may still be hot in Northeast Ohio, but an end to the cooling season is in sight. As summer draws to a close, homeowners may slack on A/C maintenance, but doing so can seriously compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner during the last weeks of operation. These A/C maintenance tips for the close of the season will help ensure your system operates with continued efficiency and ensure it’s ready to go for next summer.

Change the Filter

Continue checking your air filter each month and replacing it when it’s dirty, even when you’re not using your system 24/7 any longer. A dirty filter will immediately decrease efficiency and allow dust to build up inside, which can result in overheating and costly related damage.

Clean the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil can become clogged with debris from a summer’s worth of lawn mowing and hot winds depositing plant matter and dirt on the coil. Hose down the outdoor unit monthly until the end of the cooling season to remove debris trapped in the small metal slots and ensure continued efficiency of the coil until you no longer need the A/C.

Close it Down

Before you turn your attention to heating your home this fall, hose down the outdoor unit one last time and remove any plants growing within 15 inches of the unit. Let it dry completely, and rather than covering it with a tarp, place a large piece of plywood over the top and weight it down with bricks to protect it from snow and small animals that may be tempted to build their winter home inside the unit.

Get Ready for Heating Season

Once your end-of-season A/C maintenance is complete, it’s time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance. A qualified technician will remove dust that’s built up inside the indoor unit over the summer, as well as perform the usual tasks that will increase efficiency and help keep you comfortable at a lower price when the cold weather comes.

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